‘If I Could’ (fiction. dealing with the aftermath of suicide and some old ghosts) from The End 11/10/14 MP3 Link>> (starts 7:10)

‘Imposter Syndrome’ (fiction. two women steal their dead friend’s Facebook account to sneak into parties) from Internet History. 15/03/2014 MP3 Link>> (starts 18:18)

‘How to Replace Your Piano’ (fiction. what to do when your instruments start disappearing. written and performed by me, live music and editing by Bryce Halliday, direction by Merran Winchester) from All the Best episode Natural Compostion. 21/09/2013 MP3 link>> (starts 14:30)

‘Probably Not a Scorpion’ (non-fiction narrative) from All the Best episode Urban Jungle 18/02/2012 MP3 link>> (starts at 21:34)

Butter ‘ (fiction. an share house primer covering where not to leave your pubes) from All the Best episode Science Fiction Theatre, 01/03/13 MP3 link>> (starts at 15:16)

Making the Beast is a story about going home, sewing and making monsters.

Good News Week was written at the end of the ninties, when the millennium and Y2K were still kind of ominous.