Out of the Box

I produce Out of the Box, which meets people through their music weekly, live on FBi Radio. Some of our higher profile guests include author Marieke Hardy, Sydney Film Festival director Nashen Moodley, Guardian Australia editor Katherine Viner and comic writing legend Grant Morrison. More>>

Concrete Playground

Arts posts and features for Concrete Playground — feature articles, previews of upcoming events and reviews. More>>

All the Best

Radio stories from in and around the complex city that is Sydney and beyond. More>>

The Green Way Up

Environmental posts – mostly about new ways and technologies for being green. More>>


A piece written for artist Camille Serisier’s website. More>>


‘Strings Attached’ profile of Alejandro Rolandi from Carriageworks’ Quarterly broadsheet Creativity Moves More>>

Six posts reviewing Sydney Fringe Festival shows as the ‘Official Reviewer of the Sydney Fringe at Carriageworks’ for the Carriageworks, four by me and two by Diane Wasanawage.

  • Review #1 – A Tiny Chorus (Zacha Rosen) Read>>
  • Review #2 – Food for Thought (Zacha Rosen) Read>>
  • Review #3 – Clammy Glamour from the Curio-Cabinet (Diane Wanasawage) Read>>
  • Review #4 – The Famous Maurice Flea Circus (Diane Wanasawage) Read>>
  • Review #5 – Sam Simmons: Fail (Zacha Rosen) Read>>
  • Review #6 – Molly – A Tale of Blood & Guts & Giants & Weddings (Zacha Rosen) Read>>

Open Forum

Posts can be on anything, but mine tended to be on travel or technology. Read>>

Creative Sydney Review

This site started out as a writing exercise with Diane Wanasawage. Our goal was to  write five posts over the course of the week-long festival, and get one mention on the Festival’s official Twitter feed. We got a mention before we’d written a word – which was a bit embarrassing – and wrote considerably more than planned.

The site. Read>> The parts by me. Read>> The parts by Diane Read>>