All the Best on FBi Radio

All the Best is a radio show telling stories from Sydney and around Australia. Each story has a theme. And the stories are real stories, not just news.

All the Best is broadcast Sundays at 10am, Sydney on FBi Radio, a Sydney independent community radio station. FM 94.5, ‘FBi’ on Sydney Digital Radio or live streaming online. It’s broadcast nationally.

Podcast feed>> (subscribe via iTunes link>> )


  • Mexican attitudes to Death‘ from Death. 02/04/2011 (with Jesse Cox) MP3 link>> (starts about 22 minutes in)
  • Intersex‘ story from Edge of Nowhere. 23/5/11 MP3 link>> (starts about 26 minutes in)
  • Three Women’ from Change. 11/06/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 1:40)
  • Greyhounds Retire’ from Value (with racetrack recording by Rohen Sood) 25/06/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 20:20)
  • Grandma’s Stories‘ from Unrequited Love MP3 link>> (starts at 2:03)
  • Cafe Hernandez‘ from 24 Hours (with some recording by Kate Ryan, interview of Sñr Hernandez by Pilar Angon, voiceover by Kay Orcheson) 06/08/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 2:20) A spanish version is also available.
  • Buying Eggs in a Foreign Language‘ from Outsiders 20/08/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 1:58)
  • Memorial Story‘ from Power of a Song 10/09/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 12:24)
  • Banner ‘A Child Explains the Importance of Promises‘ from Promises 10/10/2011 MP3 link>> (start of episode)
  • I Love the Ocean‘ (working with Jacques Cousteau) from Life Acquatic 22/10/2011 (additional work by Adam Zwi) MP3 link>> (starts at 1:18)
  • Elcho Island‘ (How to be a rock star, on just one island.) from Lessons 27/11/2011 MP3 link>> (starts at 12:23)
  • Not Reading Twilight‘ banner (intro) from Twilight 10/12/2011 MP3 link>> (start of episode)
  • Probably Not a Scorpion’ (non-fiction narrative) from Urban Jungle 18/02/2012 MP3 link>> (starts at 21:34)
  • I am number 132‘ from 24 Hour Challenge (An everyday Mexican political meeting in Sydney) MP3 link>> (starts at 8:10)
  • ‘Sea Hitchhiker’ (How to hitchhike across an ocean.) from Coast to Coast 23/09/12 MP3 link>> (starts at 12:30) and accompanying blog post. It was recently replayed as part of the episode Crossing Oceans.
  • Butter ‘ (fiction. an share house primer covering where not to leave your pubes) from Science Fiction Theatre, 01/03/13 MP3 link>> (starts at 15:16)
  • ‘How to Replace Your Piano’ (fiction. what to do when your instruments start disappearing. written and performed by me, live music and editing by Bryce Halliday, direction by Merran Winchester) from Natural Compostion. 21/09/2013 MP3 link>> (starts 14:30)
  • ‘Three Men and Two Boxes’ (Checking out the tradition of hope chests, as practised by blokes) from Glory Box. 05/10/2013 MP3 link>> (starts 0:28)
  • ‘Small Fry’ (How a white activist in apartheid era met Steve Biko, failed in that moment and what it’s meant to him since) from …Vs the Establishment. 07/12/2013 MP3 Link>> (starts of episode)
  • ‘Imposter Syndrome’ (fiction. two women steal their dead friend’s Facebook account to sneak into parties) from Internet History. 15/03/2014 MP3 Link>> (starts 18:18)
  • ‘Ele’s Christmas’ (two sisters’  car crashes in rural Germany have very different endings. new music by Bryce Halliday) from How Are You Still Alive? 09/08/2014 MP3 Link>>  (starts at 6:07)
  • ‘If I Could’ (fiction. dealing with the aftermath of suicide and some old ghosts) from The End 11/10/14 MP3 Link>> (starts 7:10)

Thanks to my many wonderful supervising producers, including but not limited to: Jesse Cox, Grace Dalton, Kath Lim, Gina McKeon, Alex Storey, Emilia Terzon, Julia Wylie, Belinda Lopez, Merran Winchester, Heidi Pett and Jess O’Callaghan.


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