Not What You Think

Not What You Think covers important stuff that doesn’t easily fit into the news cycle. Stuff that isn’t usually seen as timely, or sexy enough for regular media coverage. 

The small, important stuff.

There are four seasons of Not What You Think

  • Season 1 was five episodes, covering landfill, losing your memory for a day, having family in prison when you’re Muslim, queer sex ethics and a little about difference.
  • Season 2 was five episodes, covering dating, how African Australians keep getting their hair grabbed, pirate economics,  herding bacteria and talking about your secret life.
  • Season 3 was six episodes, covering growing older as a lesbian, motoboys (and motogirls), making it in comics, kids’ newspapers, LGBTIQ+ domestic violence and molluscs.
  • Season 4 was eight episodes, covering the unreliability of memory, the US Ex. Ex., the grandmother hypothesis, reading your own spy file, the Basaglian mental health reforms in Italy, recognising frogs, amphibians, the disappearing Milky Way and Mary Toft.